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Submit to the Art of Science Contest and Totem Magazine!
March 29, 2017

Submissions open soon for Caltech's biannual Art of Science Competition! This event, hosted by the Caltech literary and arts magazine Totem, is a celebration of the aesthetics of scientific research and the way in which science and art inform each other.

Entries to the competition can be submitted at artofscience.caltech.edu from April 1-5

Submissions may include imagery created in the course of research such as microscope and telescope images, in addition to traditional 2D and 3D art forms based on scientific subjects, tools, or concepts. A complete submission includes your name, Caltech affiliation, caption, and dimensions of the piece. Large works are strongly preferred.

There will be prizes for the best entries in the following amounts:

First Place - $250.00
Second Place - $150.00
Third Place - $100.00

This year, we are partnering with the Caltech Art Competition organized by the Graduate Student Council Arts Committee, so the winning submissions will be displayed at Chandler as part of the Caltech Art exhibit. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding the Art Gallery Opening Night Gala, to be held on the evening of April 17!

More information about the Art Contest is provided in the general announcement at http://www.caltech.edu/content/caltech-art-competition-and-art-gallery-o.... We would love your participation and look forward to seeing your submissions!

And, don't forget that submissions to Totem 2017 are due on April 7 to totem@caltech.edu. Works should include your name (or anonymous), title, and medium. Please see totem.caltech.edu or https://www.facebook.com/CaltechTotem for more information.

Please contact totem@caltech.edu with any questions.