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Pasadena Sets New Water Restrictions In Response To Drought
August 20, 2021

The Pasadena City Council recently approved Level 2 water restrictions in response to the current drought and set a goal of reducing consumption by 15% across its customer portfolio.

In response to these restrictions, Caltech will be altering certain water feature operations and modifying campus irrigation practices and landscapes through our ongoing effort to reduce turf across campus.

One prominent example is the planned conversion of turf along the south side of California Blvd to native and climate adapted species. None of these changes will affect research, but Caltech encourages all staff, faculty, and students to consider common sense conservation measures and behaviors in buildings across campus and at home.

An enhanced culture of conservation employed by individuals across campus combined with improvements to campus operations have allowed Caltech to reduce annual water consumption by 44% over the past fifteen years, and those same measures will allow us to meet this new challenge.