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Metro Bike Share is at Caltech

August 23, 2017

Metro Bike Share is a new transportation system that is currently operated in Downtown Los Angeles with 61 stations and over 700 bicycles available for check out for easy, and convenient point to point trips.

Two Bike stations are on campus. Caltech East, located on San Pasqual and Holliston, and Caltech West located on Wilson and San Pasqual. Metro Bike Share is a great way to get to and from Metro Bus and Rail. Bike sharing is a fun option for exploring areas of the city that are too far to walk to, but to close for driving, train, or bus. Two ways to pay, in person or online. Rent it. Ride it. Return it to any station. Download the Metro Bike Share mobile app for iPhone and Android devices, which provides real-time availability and locations of stations and bikes.


Monthly Pass $20.00/month

Flex Pass


Walk up

$3.50/30 minutes

Free rides for a month. Use promo code RIDEPASADENA2017. Sign up at

More info

For pass sales, station map. or more info go to Metro.Net/Bikeshare. To join the mailing list email [email protected] or call/text (844) 857-2453, or [email protected]