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Caltech Wired Holiday Sale!!

December 11, 2013

Great Deals on Previous Generation Laptops and Ipads!



Previous Generation iPad mini

WiFI Only Models

32GB Black iPad mini...$349.00 

32GB White iPad mini...$349.00

64GB Black iPad mini...$429.00

WiFi + Cellular Models

16GB iPad mini Verizon...$359.00

16GB iPad mini AT&T...$359.00

32GB iPad mini Verizon...$459.00

64GB iPad mini Verizon...$559.00

Previous Generation iPad Retina

WiFi Only Models

64GB Black iPad Retina...$569.00

64GB White iPad Retina...$569.00

WiFi + Cellular Models

16GB White iPad Retina AT&T...$499.00

32GB White iPad Retina Verizon...$599.00

128GB White iPad Retina Verizon...$729.00

Previous Generation Macbook Pro 

15-inch Macbook Pro 2.3GHz i7 4GB/500GB (MD103LL/A)...$1599.00

15-inch Macbook Pro Retina 2.4GHz i7 8GB/256GB (ME664LL/A)...$1699.00

Prices good while  supplies last

(only a couple left of each model)

For more information please email us at [email protected] or visit us at our website