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"Caltech Letters" Launches
February 28, 2018

We are excited to announce the launch of Caltech Letters, a brand new online campus publication designed to let students write about their research and their viewpoints on science with the broader world.

This is an opportunity to step out of the lab and share your work and your ideas with your peers on campus and your friends around the world, no matter their scientific background. Your science communication will improve with the guidance of our experienced editorial team, with an eye toward better preparing you for future grant proposals, research papers, and job applications. Write about the research you are developing, your perspectives on science in the news, your views on the academic lifestyle, your thoughts on the growing role of technology in our society, or whatever else you find exciting and want to share!

Join in the conversation. Join Caltech Letters.

Live on March 6 at http://caltechletters.org.

Get in touch at [email protected], and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.