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EE Devices Seminar - Judith Su

Thursday, November 2, 2023
3:00pm to 4:00pm
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Moore B270
Ultra-sensitive, selective, and label-free optical sensing for fundamental science, environmental monitoring, and translational medicine
Judith Su, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Optical Sciences, University of Arizona,

Microtoroid optical resonators, when combined with frequency locking, balanced detection, and data processing techniques, are capable of label-free single molecule detection at attomolar concentrations in under 30 seconds. We have developed such a system called FLOWER (frequency locked optical whispering evanescent resonator). We discuss the principles of FLOWER, including noise analysis, and how, at such low concentrations, we can achieve sensing times on the order of seconds. In addition, we discuss our ongoing work on using FLOWER for fundamental studies on taste, and a variety of applications including drug screening, medical diagnostics for ovarian cancer, and chemical threat sensing. We validate our technology against existing approaches and perform detection in complex biological fluids. Finally, we discuss our next generation sensing platforms, including how we combine FLOWER with frequency comb technology to enable simultaneous detection and absorption spectroscopy, our work on high sensitivity photothermal spectroscopy, and our work towards a robust, portable, translatable device.

For more information, please contact Caroline Murphy by phone at 626-395-2084 or by email at [email protected].