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CMA presents "Risk, Resilience, and Reward"

Tuesday, August 2, 2016
4:40pm to 6:00pm
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JPL, von Karman Auditorium
Rodney Mullen, skateboarder,

Please join us as legendary skateboarder Rodney Mullen shares his up-close and personal relationship with risk, consequence, and resilience, and how it gives rise to a confidence to go after more creative, daring, and ground-breaking outcomes. And to be perfect—especially when it counts.

Rodney studied engineering, math, and physics; holds two patents; and co-founded the largest and most lucrative skate company of the 1990's. Widely considered the most influential skateboarder in the world, Rodney invented the majority of the tricks done in the modern era of the sport, and from the age of 14, defended his world title 35 times. After not being seen skateboarding for 12 years, this month, at the age of 49, he came out with a spectacular new video that has been trending on Facebook.

This event is free. All members of the Campus and JPL communities and retirees are welcome. Caltech personnel and guests can access the auditorium via the external gate; no visitor badging or escort is needed. For more information, contact Paige Vercelli at (818) 354-1760 or [email protected]. Or email [email protected].

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For more information, please contact Paige.Vercelli by phone at (818) 354-1760 or by email at [email protected].