07/29/2003 07:00:00
Photos available at http://www.astro.caltech.edu/palomar/oschin_telescope.htm

PALOMAR Mountain, Calif. — A major new sky survey has begun at the Palomar Observatory.

07/17/2003 07:00:00
Astrophysicists have had an exceedingly difficult time charting the mysterious stuff called dark matter that permeates the universe because it's--well--dark.
06/26/2003 07:00:00
Robert Tindol

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) have set a new Internet2 land speed record using the next-generation Internet protocol IPv6.

06/12/2003 07:00:00
According to conventional wisdom, hydrogen-fueled cars are environmentally friendly because they emit only water vapor -- a naturally abundant atmospheric gas.
05/29/2003 07:00:00
For the first time, the planets orbiting a pulsar have been "weighed" by measuring precisely variations in the time it takes them to complete an orbit, according to a team of astronomers from the California Institute of Technology and Pennsylvania State University.

Reporting at the summer meeting

05/07/2003 07:00:00
Marcus Woo
Mapping and manipulating the neural circuits involved in such innate behaviors as fear.
04/21/2003 07:00:00
California Institute of Technology biologist Mary Kennedy has been named project director for a $4 million federal project grant to better understand how the brain processes signals.
04/17/2003 07:00:00
Marcus Woo
April 18, 2003 Science paper shows that tiny insects use their wings to overcome inertia, and not--as conventional wisdom has held--friction.
04/16/2003 07:00:00
New distance measurements from faraway galaxies further strengthen the view that the strongest burst of star formation in the universe occurred about two billion years after the Big Bang.

Reporting in the April 17 issue of the journal Nature, California Institute of Technology astronomers Scott Ch

04/14/2003 07:00:00
A basic discovery in magnetic semiconductors could result in a new generation of devices for sensors and memory applications -- and perhaps, ultimately, quantum computation -- physicists from the California Institute of Technology and the University of California at Santa Barbara have announced.