Caltech physicists achieve first bona fide quantum teleportation

Physicists at the California Institute of Technology, joined by an international collaboration, have succeeded in the first true teleportation of a quantum state. Caltech physicists achieve first bona fide quantum teleportation October 1998 98

Tom Apostol Wins Trevor Evans Award

PASADENA—Dr. Tom Apostol, professor emeritus of mathematics and project director of Project MATHEMATICS! at the California Institute of Technology, was recently named a recipient of the Trevor Evans award by the Mathematical Association of America.

Apostol was awarded the prize in recognition of his article "What Is the Most Surprising Result in Mathematics? (Part II)" (Math Horizons, February 1997).

Thomas Tombrello named Caltech PMA division chair

The California Institute of Technology Board of Trustees has approved the appointment of physics professor Thomas A. Tombrello chair of the Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy.

Physics student wins acclaim for new theory of neutron-star spin

When you're beginning a career in cosmology, it's only fitting to start with a bang.That's what Ben Owen will do now that he has his doctorate in physics from the California Institute of Technology. Not only did Owen win the annual Clauser Prize for the best Caltech dissertation at the June 12 commencement, but his work has also been the subject of an international symposium. In September, he'll fly to Germany for a new job at the Albert Einstein Institute (where the symposium was held) as a postdoctoral researcher.

Gamma-ray Burst Found To Be Most Energetic Event in Universe

A team of astronomers from the California Institute of Technology announced today that a recently detected cosmic gamma-ray burst was as bright as the rest of the universe, releasing a hundred times more energy than previously theorized.

Physicists create first nanometer-scale mechanical charge detector

PASADENA—Wristwatch cellular phones and space probes the size of baseballs would certainly have some eager customers, but both are still the stuff of science fiction.

Nonetheless, physicists are making strides these days in the sort of miniaturization that could someday make tiny electromechanical devices a reality. One such milestone, the first nanometer-scale mechanical charge detector, is reported in the current issue of Nature.

ACE Satellite Now In Place Between Earth and Sun; Will Seek To Determine What Sun Is Made Of

ACE satellite will be a benefit to weather forecasters in predicting solar flares as well as to astrophysicists in understanding the nature of the universe.

Black Hole That Periodically Ejects Its Inner Disk As Jets Discovered

Astronomers observing a disk of matter spiralling into a black hole in our galaxy have discovered that the black hole periodically hurls the inner portion of the disk into space as jets travelling at near the speed of light.

Caltech Astrophysicist Charles Steidel Receives $500,000 Packard Foundation Fellowship

A Caltech astrophysicist who searches for the oldest and most distant structures in the universe has been named a recipient of a $500,000 grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Caltech Astrophysicist Charles Steidel Receives $500,000 Packard Foundation Fellowship October 1997 97

Astronomers Detect Relativistically Expanding Clouds Around the May 8 Gamma-Ray Burst

Astrophysicists still don't know what caused the gamma-ray burst of May 8, but they now have a size and rate of expansion for its remnant "fireball" to add to the location and distance.


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