Author Reveals her "Gut Feelings"

Merrill Joan Gerber's 24th book.

Caltech Historian Awarded Grant to Study Trust in Financial Markets

Philip Hoffman awarded grant from the Sage Foundation.

Caltech Author Publishes Travel Memoir

Caltech Author Publishes Travel Memoir

Grant awarded to Caltech to study the neural wiring of moral and economic choices

Steven Quartz, an associate professor of philosophy and member of the Computation and Neural Systems program at the California Institute of Technology, will lead a new program to examine the neural basis of economic and moral decision-making. The program is made possible by a $1 million grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Anti-Semitism, Revolution and Relativity:New Einstein Volume Released Worldwide

PASADENA, Calif. - Student protests in Albert Einstein's classroom? Who would have thought the world-renowned genius would have to deal with such disrespect? But according to a new publication coming out of the California Institute of Technology, the protest was very real and very political.

It was anti-Semitism. His students were protesting the presence of poor, refugee Eastern European students who were auditing his relativity lecture in Berlin in 1920. So he dealt with the protest by offering free classes.

Caltech Historian Accepts Joint Humanities Appointments

Dr. William Deverell will chair the California Council for ther Humanities and is the new Haynes Fellow.

Grant Gives Undergraduates Access to One of the World's Great Archives of Literature

Grant will invigorate Caltech's undergraduate curriculum

At Caltech: Jean Ensminger New Chair of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

New Chair of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Grants Strengthen Ties and Scholarship between Caltech and Huntington Library

Two grants from the Mellon Foundation will support collaborative teaching and research efforts between Caltech and the Huntington Library.

Seventy Percent of Americans Think Bush'sTax Plans Mainly Benefit Wealthy, Study Shows

Seven in 10 Americans think the Bush administration's proposed tax cuts would mainly benefit the wealthiest taxpayers, according to a national poll conducted by the University of Southern California and the California Institute of Technology's joint Center for the Study of Law and Politics (CSLP).


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