Caltech chemist John Baldeschwielernamed winner of 2000 National Medal of Science

John Baldeschwieler, J. Stanley Johnson Professor and professor of chemistry, emeritus, at the California Institute of Technology, has been named by President Clinton as one of this year's 12 recipients of the National Medal of Science. The announcement was made today (Nov. 13) at the White House.

Baldeschwieler, who has been on the Caltech faculty since 1973, was cited for his work on molecular assemblies for use in the delivery of pharmaceuticals, for his work on scientific instrumentation, and particularly for his development of ion cyclotron resonance spectroscopy.

Caltech glassblower plies an ancient trade

On a university campus with gravity-wave detectors, quantum teleportation devices, femtochemistry lasers, and Mach-20 wind tunnels, Rick Gerhart's glassblowing workshop almost seems by comparison like a step back into the Middle Ages.

Caltech researchers breed new genes to make natural products in bacteria

A California Institute of Technology research group has been able to mate genes from different organisms and breed new genetic pathways in bacteria

Honors for Caltech Faculty

Harry Gray is named a Foreign Member of Great Britain's Royal Society.

Harry Gray named cowinner of Harvey Prizeby Israel Institute of Technology

PASADENA—For the third time this spring, Harry Gray of the California Institute of Technology has been named recipient of a major scientific honor.

Gray has been named cowinner of the Harvey Prize, presented annually by the Israel Institute of Technology to a scholar or scientist who has worked toward promoting goodwill between Israel and the nations of the world. Gray, Caltech's Beckman Professor of Chemistry and director of the Beckman Institute, received the award and the $50,000 monetary prize in Haifa June 1.

Caltech Professor Frances Arnold Elected to Membershipin the National Academy of Engineering

Caltech Professor Frances Arnold was elected to membership in the National Academy of Engineering.

Caltech Appoints New Chairof Engineering and Applied Science

PASADENA—Richard M. Murray has been named chair of the Division of Engineering and Applied Science at the California Institute of Technology. The announcement was made by Steve Koonin, vice president and provost.

Murray replaces John Seinfeld, who is returning to full-time faculty and research duties after serving 10 years in the office. The appointment becomes effective June 1, and has been approved by the Caltech Board of Trustees.

Using quantum atomistic computer simulations to solve industrial problems

PASADENA—In the world of engineering and applied science, ideas that look good on the drawing board often turn out to have annoying real-world problems, even though the finished products still look pretty good. An example is the aluminum car engine, which has the advantage of being lightweight, but tends to wear out more quickly than its heavier steel counterpart.

Zewail wins Nobel Prize

Dr. Ahmed H. Zewail has won the 1999 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his groundbreaking work in viewing and studying chemical reactions at the atomic level as they occur. The announcement was made today by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Caltech Appoints New Chair of Chemistry/Chemical Engineering

David Tirrell has been named chair of the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology.


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