Caltech and the Human Genome Project

Caltech faculty have played an integral part in the development of the Human Genome Project.

Caltech appoints Elliot Meyerowitz to head Division of Biology

Elliot Meyerowitz, a specialist in the genetics of flowering plants, has been named chair of the Division of Biology at the California Institute of Technology.

Parsons Foundation Grants Caltech $2 Million

Caltech is awarded a $2 million grant from the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation for the purchase of scientific computer equipment for the Biomolecular Structures Laboratory.

Caltech president David Baltimore named winner of 1999 National Medal of Science

David Baltimore, president of the California Institute of Technology, has been named by President Clinton as a recipient of the 1999 National Medal of Science. The award was announced today (Monday, January 31) at the White House.

The potential of stem cells to be the focus of 2000 Biology Forum

PASADENA-Stem cells and their promise for novel treatments of human disease will be the focus of the 2000 Biology Forum at the California Institute of Technology.

"Stem Cells: The Science of Regeneration" will be held at 8 p.m. Thursday, February 24, in Caltech's Beckman Auditorium. Free and open to the public, the forum is sponsored by Caltech and cosponsored by the San Gabriel Newspaper Group and Huntington Memorial Hospital. The event will focus particularly on breakthroughs of the last year in stem cell research.

David Baltimore and Seymour Benzer awarded honorary degrees from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

PASADENA—David Baltimore, president of the California Institute of Technology, and Seymour Benzer, James G. Boswell Professor of Neuroscience, Emeritus, were awarded honorary degrees by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Watson School of Biological Sciences on November 5 at the school's inaugural convocation.

Caltech Receives $10 Million to Establish Bren Professors Endowment

The Donald Bren Foundation of Newport Beach has awarded theCalifornia Institute of Technology a $10 million grant to establish namedprofessorships to support Caltech's ambitious Biological SciencesInitiative.

Mutations in the mitochondrial DNA of cells dramatically increase with aging, Caltech study shows

Certain effects of aging could be caused by mutations in the DNA molecules of the energy-producing engines of cells known as mitochondria, according to new research from the California Institute of Technology and the University of Milan.

A heart medication is found effectivein treating skin cancer, Caltech researchers discover

Researchers have discovered that one type of drug used for human heart disease can inhibit the growth of skin cancer cells.

Gene linked to human kidney disease is also responsible for mating in roundworms

PASADENA-For a male nematode, the LOV-1 gene couldn't be more aptly named. The millimeter-long roundworm, if its LOV-1 gene is functioning properly, has the eagerness to mate and the instincts to perform successfully.

But if the LOV-1 gene is disabled, the male nematode is truly clueless. The fact that "LOV" is an acronym for "location of vulva" pretty much says it all.


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