Caltech researcher wins Lasker Award

Alexander Varshavsky, who is Smits Professor of Cell Biology at the California Institute of Technology, has been named a recipient of the 2000 Albert Lasker Award in Basic Medical Research for his groundbreaking work on the ubiquitin system that targets proteins for destruction.

New visual test devised by Caltech, USC researchers

A new five-minute vision test using a desktop computer and touch-sensitive screen is showing promise as a diagnostic tool for a variety of eye diseases and even certain brain tumors.

Caltech Breaks Ground for Broad Center for Biological Sciences

Caltech Trustees, the mayors of Pasadena and Los Angeles, and the esteemed architect James Freed celebrated the groundbreaking for the Broad Center for Biological Sciences Sept. 12.

Caltech Faculty Member Receives McKnight Award

Gilles Laurent, associate professor of biology and computational and neural systems at the California Institute of Technology, has received the McKnight Investigator Award for his work in "Memory in Olfactory Network Dynamics." This award, granted by the McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience, is given to stimulate research in neuroscience as it pertains to memory and, ultimately, to a clearer understanding of diseases affecting memory.

Caltech receives $1 million grant for Worm Genome Database

PASADENA—In a major follow-up to the sequencing of the human genome, the National Institutes of Health has awarded $1 million to the California Institute of Technology for a genome database to aid in biomedical research as well as basic biology.

Caltech and the Human Genome Project

Caltech faculty have played an integral part in the development of the Human Genome Project.

Caltech appoints Elliot Meyerowitz to head Division of Biology

Elliot Meyerowitz, a specialist in the genetics of flowering plants, has been named chair of the Division of Biology at the California Institute of Technology.

Parsons Foundation Grants Caltech $2 Million

Caltech is awarded a $2 million grant from the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation for the purchase of scientific computer equipment for the Biomolecular Structures Laboratory.

Caltech president David Baltimore named winner of 1999 National Medal of Science

David Baltimore, president of the California Institute of Technology, has been named by President Clinton as a recipient of the 1999 National Medal of Science. The award was announced today (Monday, January 31) at the White House.

The potential of stem cells to be the focus of 2000 Biology Forum

PASADENA-Stem cells and their promise for novel treatments of human disease will be the focus of the 2000 Biology Forum at the California Institute of Technology.

"Stem Cells: The Science of Regeneration" will be held at 8 p.m. Thursday, February 24, in Caltech's Beckman Auditorium. Free and open to the public, the forum is sponsored by Caltech and cosponsored by the San Gabriel Newspaper Group and Huntington Memorial Hospital. The event will focus particularly on breakthroughs of the last year in stem cell research.


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