• Credit: Human Relations/Caltech

Staff Service & Impact Awards

An annual tradition now in its 61st year, Caltech's Staff Service & Impact Awards celebrate our outstanding community of staff members and the important work they do to advance the mission of the Institute.

Service awards are presented in recognition of length of service, with the first award bestowed at the 10-year mark. This year, on June 2nd, we will honor over 300 staff members—with service ranging from 10 to 50 years—for their on-the-job excellence and commitment to Caltech.

Through the Thomas W. Schmitt Annual Staff Prize, Caltech also honors a staff member whose contributions embody the values and spirit that enable the institute to achieve excellence in research and education.

Team Impact Awards

Caltech is comprised of many teams working collaboratively to accomplish amazing things. In recognition of the great work of teams we are introducing the Team Impact Awards. The purpose of the Team Impact Awards is to recognize and reward those teams that make significant contributions to the work and mission of the Institute. Teams who receive the award should be able to demonstrate that their work impacted and supported the research and/or education programs at the Institute.

Nominate a team for the 2016 Impact Award