Seeing the Sun

Thousands of community members gathered at Caltech on Monday, August 21, for a solar eclipse viewing party organized by the Astronomy Outreach group. The event featured astrophysicists and astronomers who were on hand to answer visitors' questions about solar eclipses and to also help some peer at the sun through solar telescopes, as well as a live stream feed of JPL's coverage of the path to totality.

Experience the eclipse as we did at Caltech through the images below and our video montage.

[The Astronomy department is now collecting eclipse glasses for upcoming solar viewing events. To recycle your eclipse glasses, deposit them in the marked green bag outside Cahill room 272.]

photo of solar telescope image
Credit: Caltech

Caltech's coelostat, a solar telescope located inside the Linde + Robinson Laboratory, sends a real-time projection of the sun's image to a screen in the building's main lobby.

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