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01/15/2015 15:00:09
Lori Dajose
Caltech geologist John Grotzinger, who was recently named chair of the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, has stepped down as project scientist for NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity. He is succeeded by Ashwin Vasavada (PhD '98) of JPL.
12/09/2011 08:00:00
Kimm Fesenmaier

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has won NASA's 2011 Software of the Year accolade for software it developed that has enabled the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity to autonomously select interesting science targets to study with its cameras.

07/22/2011 07:00:00
Marcus Woo

When Curiosity, the next Mars rover, arrives at the Red Planet next summer, it will be exploring Gale Crater, NASA announced today.

07/11/2011 07:00:00
Marcus Woo

The landing site for Curiosity, the next Mars rover, has been narrowed down to two choices. Curiosity will either explore Eberswalde crater, an ancient river delta, or Gale crater, the home of a three-mile high mountain. 

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