01/17/2013 11:58:00
Katie Neith
When Matanya Horowitz started his undergraduate work in 2006 at University of Colorado at Boulder, he knew that he wanted to work in robotics—mostly because he was disappointed that technology had not yet made good on his sci-fi–inspired dreams of humanoid robots. "The best thing we had at the time was the Roomba, which is a great product, but compared to science fiction it seemed really diminutive," says Horowitz. He therefore decided to major in not just electrical engineering, but also economics, applied math, and computer science. "I thought that the answer to better robots would lie somewhere in the middle of these different subjects, and that maybe each one held a different key," he explains. Now a doctoral student at Caltech—he earned his masters in the same four years as his multiple undergrad degrees—Horowitz is putting his range of academic experience to work in the labs of engineers Joel Burdick and John Doyle to help advance robotics and intelligent systems
12/23/2010 08:00:00
Marcus Woo

Visualizing ideas in science—literally and figuratively—is a pervasive theme of Richard Feynman’s legacy. The first session of Caltech's TEDx conference on January 14, entitled "Conceptualization and Visualization in Science," explores this theme. The speakers include four from Caltech.

12/21/2010 08:00:00

What do scientific studies and national boundary lines have in common? According to Caltech geobiologist and graduate student Jeff Marlow, both reflect something unique and profound about humanity: our need to explore. Marlow sees parallels between what we've been discovering about our world and the way we've spread across it. At next month's TEDxCaltech conference, he'll present an analysis of what drives us to explore—including what it suggests about the essence of being human.

12/21/2010 08:00:00

TED is an annual conference dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge and ideas. Curated by a nonprofit organization, the conference originally focused on the worlds of technology, entertainment, and design (hence the acronym), but in the quarter-century since its founding, its thrust has become more diverse. 

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