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11/15/2012 09:11:13
Andrew Allan

If you happen to see groups of people perched in the trees along Caltech's famed Olive Walk and Beckman Mall tomorrow, whacking at the branches with rakes and PVC pipes—rest assured there's nothing unusual going on.

05/03/2010 07:00:00
Jon Weiner

Caltech is pleased to announce the appointment of Kristen Brown as the Institute's new assistant vice president for marketing and communications, effective May 5.

04/15/2009 07:00:00
Jon Weiner

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has named Peter deCourcy Hero as its new vice president for development and alumni relations.

02/22/2005 08:00:00
Robert Tindol
David Levy, director of the financial aid office at the California Institute of Technology, has been named winner of the Exemplar Award by the Western Regional Assembly of the College Board. He will be recognized during the College Board's Western Regional Conference in San Diego on Sunday, February 27.
12/16/2004 08:00:00
Deborah Williams-Hedges
David Baltimore, president of the California Institute of Technology, announced today the appointment of Dean W. Currie as Caltech's vice president for business and finance. Currie will be coming to Caltech in early February 2005 from Rice University in Houston, Texas, where he has served as vice president for finance and administration for the past 16 years.
10/06/2004 07:00:00
Marcus Woo

Three new financial advisers have agreed to join the committee: Jeremy Grantham of Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. (GMO) in Boston; Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital Management in Los Angeles; and Richard Perry of Perry Capital in New York. In addition, the size of the committee is being reduced to 11 members from its current membership of 22.

09/29/2004 07:00:00
Jill Perry
Colleges and universities in Southern California expect to hire more than 50,000 new employees in the next five years, and a new Web site officially launched September 29 at UCLA will make it easier for job seekers to find those jobs.
03/26/2004 08:00:00
Deborah Williams-Hedges
Kimberly Douglas has been named University Librarian at the California Institute of Technology. She had served as acting director of libraries since April 2003.
03/23/2004 08:00:00
Robert Tindol

PASADENA—Richmond Wolf has been promoted to the position of director of the Office of Technology Transfer at the California Institute of Technology, according to Caltech vice provost David Goodstei

08/12/2003 07:00:00
After five months as Palomar Observatory's first-ever public information coordinator, Scott Kardel is getting accustomed to being a Southern California resource for all things pertaining to the sky.
04/14/2003 07:00:00
Jill Perry
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