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10/16/2014 17:00:04
Douglas Smith
A new camera is being built at Caltech's Palomar Observatory that will be able to survey the entire Northern Hemisphere sky in a single night, searching for supernovas, black holes, near-Earth asteroids, and other objects.
Supernova 2011fe
10/30/2003 08:00:00
PALOMAR MOUNTAIN, Calif. — The tragic fires that continue to affect San Diego County remind us all just how fragile life and property can be.
05/27/2003 07:00:00
The California Institute of Technology will begin start-up tests on a new $10 million cogeneration facility in July of this year. When fully operational, the new facility will save an additional $2.5 million per year in avoided energy costs above the savings of its predecessor and will reduce overall emissions by 66 percent.
05/09/2003 07:00:00
04/17/2003 07:00:00
Jill Perry
03/13/2003 08:00:00
Jill Perry
PASADENA, Calif. — The California Institute of Technology is the birthplace of structural biology which was invented by Linus Pauling in the 1940s.
09/06/2002 07:00:00
Jill Perry


06/05/2002 07:00:00
Deborah Williams-Hedges
The California Institute of Technology's long-awaited recycling center will open on Thursday, June 6. The grand opening celebration, complete with giveaways, will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Located at the former fire station site on Del Mar Boulevard between Michigan and Wilson Avenues, the center will be for use by the campus community and the public.
09/11/2000 07:00:00
Jill Perry
Caltech Trustees, the mayors of Pasadena and Los Angeles, and the esteemed architect James Freed celebrated the groundbreaking for the Broad Center for Biological Sciences Sept. 12.
12/14/1999 08:00:00
Jill Perry
PASADENA—From the fiddler crab sitting over an archway to a volcano erupting along the frame of a window, it's the details that make the architecture at the California Institute of Technology unique, according to Romy Wyllie, author of Caltech's Architectural Heritage: From Spanish Tile to Modern Stone, recently published by Balcony Press of Glendale.
10/01/1999 07:00:00
Jill Perry
Hoping to showcase experimental art by young Southern Californiaartists, the California Institute of Technology has created a temporaryoutdoor art space on campus. The site, which is an undeveloped area, willallow emerging artists to display large-scale sculptures; environmental,site-specific work; and other projects.
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