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06/09/2015 09:29:23
Shayna Chabner McKinney
A conversation with Caltech's sustainability programs director about how the Institute has and will continue to enhance its water saving efforts.
02/20/2008 08:00:00
Jacqueline Scahill
Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr., has awarded $1 million to the California Institute of Technology in support of the final stages of construction of the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Center for Information Science and Technology.
02/08/2008 08:00:00
elisabeth nadin
Chemists and chemical engineers at the California Institute of Technology can soon start dreaming of experiments for their new labs, to be housed in a building dedicated to their work that will begin to take shape on February 13. The groundbreaking ceremony starts at 11 a.m.
12/05/2007 08:00:00
Jill Perry
The California Institute of Technology will break ground on the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Center for Information Science and Technology at 11 a.m. December 7 at Caltech.
06/28/2007 07:00:00
Robert Tindol
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation has pledged $1 million to the California Institute of Technology toward construction of a new building for chemistry and chemical engineering positioned to be the centerpiece of the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering's plan for the future.
04/25/2007 07:00:00
Robert Tindol
Visitors to the California Institute of Technology often compliment the architecture, the landscaping, and the general layout of the Pasadena campus. Much of the credit must go to the architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue, who was responsible for the original master plan as well as several early campus buildings.
02/02/2007 08:00:00
Jill Perry
In December 2008 astronomers and astrophysicists at the California Institute of Technology will have a new home for their offices, classes, and meetings. Construction on the Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics began Jan. 31 with a groundbreaking ceremony.
04/13/2006 07:00:00
Jill Perry
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has recently awarded multimillion dollar grants to the California Institute of Technology for the establishment of three new projects: the Center for Geochemical and Cosmochemical Microanalysis, the Proteome Exploration Laboratory, and the Center for Theoretical Cosmology and Physics. The grants for these facilities total more than $22 million.
02/10/2006 08:00:00
Deborah Williams-Hedges
The Athenaeum, the faculty club at the California Institute of Technology, occupies a fascinating, but relatively little-known, corner of the intellectual and social history of Southern California.
04/19/2005 07:00:00
Robert Tindol
The famed geneticist Ed Lewis won his Nobel Prize for his breakthroughs in understanding how genes relate to embryonic development. But for four years in World War II, he served as a U.S. Army meteorologist.
04/06/2005 07:00:00
Marcus Woo

The Caltech community can take comfort in knowing that the fuel used to generate electricity is spent wisely and is environmentally friendly.

That's what the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership, a division of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), concluded last month when it bestowed, on behalf of the EPA and the Department of Energy, the 2004 Energy Star CHP Award to Caltech.

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