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03/13/2015 11:28:11
Jessica Stoller-Conrad
A new opportunity for science educators helps teachers adapt to new standards while bringing Caltech research into local schools.
01/18/2005 08:00:00
Robert Tindol
Three groups of classical Indian dancers will give a public performance at the California Institute of Technology at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, January 23, in the Beckman Auditorium to raise money for the Caltech tsunami relief effort. All proceeds from the recital will be donated to UNICEF, Architecture for Humanity, and Asha for Education for their ongoing work in helping victims of the recent tsunami in Asia.
07/13/2004 07:00:00
Jill Perry
An international group of high-achieving high school students has converged on the campus of the California Institute of Technology this summer. Students from the United States as well as China, Germany, Greece, Kuwait, Pakistan, Singapore, and Turkey are participating in the Research Science Institute (RSI)--a highly competitive science program sponsored by Caltech and Virginia-based Center for Excellence in Education (CEE).
07/09/2004 07:00:00
Robert Tindol
Rob Figueiredo has a standing $1,000 bet with a classmate back at MIT about when a certain milestone in quantum computation will be achieved. Considering that there is no such thing as a practical quantum computer—or at least not yet—Figueiredo's enthusiasm may seem overly optimistic.
05/28/2004 07:00:00
Deborah Williams-Hedges
Fifth grade students from Pasadena will use photography to document their lives thanks to a $10,000 scholarship from the Donald A. Strauss Public Service Scholarship Foundation. California Institute of Technology student Andrea Vasconcellos received the scholarship to work with the children.
11/13/2003 08:00:00

PASADENA, CA -- A large crane will lift two 250-pound, white, funnel-shaped cosmic ray detectors on top of a science building at San

11/06/2003 15:01:00
Jill Perry

Virginia-based Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) and the California Institute of Technology today announced the inauguration of the Research Science Institute (RSI), a six-week summer program for academically talented high school science students.

09/24/2003 07:00:00
Deborah Williams-Hedges
Some of the brightest high school students in the country recently attended the California Institute of Technology's Young Engineering and Science Scholars (YESS) program. Caltech's YESS program brought together 24 students who excel in and have a passion for science and engineering, and exposed them to advanced scientific research and the methodology of the science professional.
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