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  • Credit: Bob Paz
10/22/2014 16:53:40

Stoltz Wins Synthetic Chemistry Award

Professor of Chemistry Brian Stoltz has been named the winner of the 2015 Mukaiyama Award from the Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan. He was noted for "the discovery and development of new reactions and processes for the synthesis of natural products and non-naturally occurring bioactive structures," according to the award citation.

Stoltz's work is aimed at developing new strategies for creating complex molecules with interesting structural, biological, and physical properties. The goal is to use these complex molecules to guide the development of new reaction methodology to extend fundamental knowledge and to potentially lead to useful biological and medical applications.

The Mukaiyama Award, named in honor of Japanese synthetic chemist Teruaki Mukaiyama, comes with a $5,000 award, a medallion, and a certificate. It is given to an individual 45 years old or younger who has made outstanding contributions to synthetic organic chemistry. Each year, two winners are selected, one each from Japanese and non-Japanese nominees. Also being honored this year is Professor Shigehiro Yamaguchi of Nagoya University.


Written by Kathy Svitil