In Our Community

02/20/2019 09:45:23
Emily Velasco
Jane Shell Raymond, who was an undergraduate chemistry instructor at Caltech for 32 years, has died at age 80.
A black-and-white portrait of Jane Raymond
02/20/2019 08:29:38
In his February 27 Watson Lecture, Thorne will discuss the "warped side of our universe," and speculate on future discoveries about the birth of our universe and of the laws that govern it.
photo of Kip Thorne
02/19/2019 20:08:34
Robert Perkins
This year's Feynman Prize for Excellence in Teaching goes to Ali Hajimiri, whose tough but inspirational classes pack lecture halls.
photo of Ali Hajimiri
02/19/2019 10:31:26
Whitney Clavin
Philip Isett has been awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship, which go to early career scientists of "outstanding promise."
Philip Isett
02/15/2019 16:03:02
The almuna returns to campus to direct the puppet-filled musical Avenue Q.
photo of Avenue Q’s Princeton and Rod in conversation
02/13/2019 10:30:58
Caltech and The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens are establishing the Advanced Research Institute in the History of Science and Technology.
A colorful collage showing bits from the history of science and technology, including a portrait of Ada Lovelace, a castle, a steam locomotive, Nikola Tesla, and a PDP-7 computer
02/12/2019 16:11:35
Elise Cutts
Frances H. Arnold has been named the winner of the 2019 Bower Award for Achievement in Science.
02/12/2019 12:37:10
Elise Cutts
Caltech mourns the passing of alumnus and famed oceanographer Walter Munk.
Walter Munk
02/08/2019 16:20:32
Robert Perkins
Two members of Caltech community receive top engineering honor.
logo of the National Academy of Engineering on a blue background
02/08/2019 12:46:06
Emily Velasco
Antonio Rangel is a recipient of the 2018 Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award from NOMIS, a Swiss organization that promotes innovative interdisciplinary research.
A portrait of Antonio Rangel. He wears glasses and a blue polo. Green trees are in the background