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  • Members of the Butkovich family at Caltech Family Weekend 2018
    Members of the Butkovich family, left to right, Koba, Vicktor, Maria, and Lazarina, gathered together during Caltech Family Weekend. In addition to two Caltech alumnae in the family, Koba and Lazarina are current students, while the youngest member of the family, Vicktor, has his own aspirations to attend.
    Credit: Courtesy of Bill Youngblood
  • Family Weekend Luncheon at the Bechtel Residence
    The families of Caltech's current freshman class gathered in and around the Bechtel Residence on Saturday, November 10, for a luncheon with Caltech president Thomas Rosenbaum and other administrators.
    Credit: Courtesy of Bill Youngblood
  • Families gather with President Thomas Rosenbaum and Professor Katherine Faber at Family Weekend.
    Caltech freshman Maxwell Stickels and his parents, Laura and Monty Stickels (at left), join freshman Camila Buitrago and her parents, Zuillin and Fabio Buitrago, and Caltech president Thomas Rosenbaum and Katherine Faber, the Simon Ramo Professor of Materials Science, at a new family luncheon on Saturday, November 10. Maxwell and Camila are two of Faber's advisees this year.
    Credit: Courtesy of Bill Youngblood
  • Caltech robotics team members talk about their work.
    Caltech junior Brendan Hollaway, sophomore Kristine Chelakkat, and sophomore Ryan White, all of the Caltech robotics team, answer questions from the parents of current freshmen about this year’s autonomous submarine—named “Flo”—at a student clubs and activities demonstration fair.
    Credit: Courtesy of Bill Youngblood
11/13/2018 12:02:36

Caltech Family Weekend Provides a Glimpse of Undergraduate Life

The families of Caltech's newest undergraduates were welcomed to the community and provided a glimpse of Caltech's undergraduate program during the Institute's annual Family Weekend event.

Between Friday, November 9, and Sunday, November 11, more than 100 families explored campus and participated in events and activities that included a parents' happy hour at the Athenaeum's Rathskeller as well as panel discussions and presentations with Student Affairs administrators, faculty, and students on undergraduate life, opportunities for studying abroad, summer research, career planning, academics, and a look at what the Caltech experience is like for student athletes. Families and their students were also invited to attend a Von Kármán Lecture and a performance by the Caltech-Occidental Wind Orchestra.

During a luncheon held in the dining hall of Caltech's recently opened Bechtel Residence, President Thomas Rosenbaum greeted the families with a message that highlighted the range of opportunities and experiences undergraduate students' have—from the close interaction with faculty and peers to hands-on research—to broaden their thinking and perspective while also helping to advance discoveries that have the potential to positively change the world. 

"Thank you for sharing your children with us," Rosenbaum said. "We are really excited that they are bringing their energy, their intellect, their idealism to our community, and we look forward to many years of discovery."

Written by Shayna Chabner McKinney