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  • Nai-Chang Yeh
    Credit: Caltech Academic Media Technologies
  • Keith Schwab
    Credit: Caltech Academic Media Technologies
08/08/2013 13:52:39

Yeh and Schwab Named Kavli Nanoscience Institute Codirectors

Caltech professors Nai-Chang Yeh and Keith Schwab have been named codirectors of the Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI), a center supporting multidisciplinary nanoscience research on campus and beyond. Yeh and Schwab have both served as KNI board members and are the first to hold the title Fletcher Jones Foundation Codirector of the KNI; the position was recently endowed by a gift from The Fletcher Jones Foundation.

"I look forward to the energy and creativity that Nai-Chang and Keith will bring to the continued evolution of the KNI as a preeminent organization propelling nanoscience forward in diverse application areas ranging from medical engineering to nanophotonics," says Ares Rosakis, Otis Booth Leadership Chair of the Division of Engineering and Applied Science.

Yeh and Schwab follow in the footsteps of professors Michael Roukes and Oskar Painter (MS '95, PhD '01).

"It is an exciting time to conduct research in nanoscience and nanotechnology," Yeh says. "As the new codirectors of KNI, our vision is not only to maintain the current role of KNI but also to make KNI an intellectual hub that facilitates Caltech research in the areas of quantum frontiers, medical/bioengineering, and sustainability," she says.  "We look forward to working with the nanoresearch community on campus and the Caltech administration to advance frontiers of nanoscience and nanotechnology."

Written by Jessica Stoller-Conrad