Why Give

A gift to Caltech is an investment in the future. Your support is a show of confidence in our community of scientists, engineers, and students, and in their potential to create a better tomorrow.

Support Your Passion

There are many ways to give, so you can tailor your contribution to support activities that align with your personal values, interests, and causes, and thus ensure that your gift is both rewarding and meaningful.

Give to Support:

Teaching and Learning

Develop renaissance scientists and engineers who thrive on solving the world's most complex science and engineering problems, working either with a few like minds or on large interdisciplinary teams in the lab or in the field.

In the laboratory and in the classroom—every day—Caltech faculty and students expand the frontiers of knowledge together. They do so because they believe in the promise and power of learning, of recognizing that none of us are too intelligent to ask a question or too important to share our insights with others.

Partner with their success and build on more than a century of educational excellence by helping to


  • Recruit and retain phenomenal faculty and students
  • Provide the resources for a rigorous, hands-on curriculum
  • Seed diverse research opportunities
  • Create greater opportunities for faculty-student interaction
  • Give faculty opportunities to work with and learn from colleagues around the world

Discovery and Innovation

Give researchers the opportunity to make breakthroughs in medicine, energy, engineering, space, technology, and fundamental science, and to ignite positive change on a universal scale.

Caltech's aim is to recruit smart people and then set them free by giving them the space in which to explore bold ideas and pursue whatever lines of research they choose. This has created an unparalleled intellectual environment, enabling our scientists and engineers to also be pioneers—forging scientific breakthroughs, launching new fields and industries, and inventing the technologies and tools that will transform the landscape of our lives.

Expand Caltech's impact and reach throughout the world by helping to

  • Fund research collaborations among multiple disciplines at the Institute and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Create spaces in which researchers can come together to jointly address significant problems
  • Support new educational and research programs
  • Provide the financial support to attract the world's top faculty and students

The Student Experience

Cultivate a dynamic environment in which students can develop confidence and hone their inquisitive minds, while forming lifelong friendships and learning the kinds of teamwork and problem-solving skills that will help them achieve their life goals.

Close collaborations among faculty and students, plus a vast array of creative and intellectual outlets, provide our students with an environment in which they can build these key professional and interpersonal skills.

Donor support helps make the unique Caltech experience possible by ensuring that we not only enroll the most-qualified and capable scholars, but that they have the resources they need to succeed.

Enrich the Caltech student experience by helping to

  • Provide scholarships and fellowships to attract and retain top students
  • Fund innovative educational programs
  • Enhance student housing and communal facilities
  • Seed research opportunities at Caltech—and abroad
  • Promote athletics and extracurricular activities

Leading Facilities

Provide researchers unparalleled access to the first-rate technological tools and state-of-the-art laboratories that make extraordinary research possible.

Caltech researchers benefit from having access to laboratories filled with the most innovative tools and advanced technologies; our students grow by being exposed to personalized spaces for both living and learning. These facilities enhance the scientific and academic pursuits within their walls, freeing faculty and students to do their best work.

The newest facilities on campus also embody Caltech's commitment to sustainability and efficiency through the use of ecologically informed designs and innovative materials.