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    Caltech magazine, Volume LXXX, Number 1

What the Office of Strategic Communications Does

News Coverage

  • Reporting daily news stories on the Caltech website to highlight current activities in research and campus life
  • Composing press releases and generating media coverage for scientific milestones, key Institute events, and major earthquakes

Institute Publications

  • Producing a coordinated series of publications that represent Caltech and strengthen the Institute's positioning, including Caltech's Annual Report and Overview
  • Writing and publishing the Institute's flagship publication, Caltech magazine, which is distributed to our readers on campus and at JPL, as well as our alumni, Trustees, prospective students, parents, and friends of the Institute.

Brand/Reputation Management

  • Creating a strategic communications plan for high-priority Development initiatives, and developing a rich repository of materials ranging from white papers to cases for support that are organized and accessible for use by Development and Institute Relations and other Caltech teams in their engagement activities
  • Articulating key messaging points for breaking news stories and annual themes to ensure cohesive, consistent communications
  • Maintaining communications standards for the Institute, including an Institute-wide style guide

Campus Communications

  • Creating a weekly email for campus to promote upcoming events and activities
  • Sending a weekly summary of news coverage of Caltech faculty and campus to the administration, campus community, and trustees
  • Providing a bi-weekly summary to teams within Development and Institute Relations that highlights top recent headlines and talking points to support engagement activities

Web Communications

Photography and Multimedia