Welcome President Rosenbaum and Dr. Faber

As part of our inauguration celebration, we invited our community to welcome President Rosenbaum and his wife, Katherine T. Faber, who joined Caltech as the Simon Ramo Professor of Materials Science in the Division of Engineering & Applied Science. Here are some of the greetings, congratulations, and best wishes they sent.

Welcome Messages

—Welcome from the Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach

Welcome! Here is a little ditty for President Rosenbaum and Dr. Faber to celebrate Inauguration Day!

—Tina Lai Zelaya, Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach

—Welcome from the Caltech Investment Office

—Welcome from Caltech's SURF program


—Adilia F. Koch, Director, Caltech Export Compliance Office

Best wishes for an excellent tenure as President, Dr. Rosenbaum! May the entire Caltech community be afforded the opportunity to personally experience your amiable personality in addition to all the expertise you bring scientifically, administratively, and otherwise. And to Dr. Faber, may you flourish in your own endeavors here at Caltech.

—Antoinette Bailey, Caltech Postdoctoral Scholar in Biology & Biological Engineering

Welcome Tom!

—Harold McFarlane, Director of International Programs, Idaho National Laboratory

—Welcome from the Associated Students of California Institute of Technology Board of Directors

Welcome indeed. Best wishes.

—Nelson Byrne, BS '59

—Welcome from the Caltech Y

Dear President Rosenbaum,

On behalf of the Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union (CEFCU), the exclusive Credit Union serving the extended Caltech community, welcome to Caltech!

Caltech provides an unparalleled experience—providing the ideal research and education environment that stimulates innovation, ripens intellectual curiosity and values diversity.  Each department plays an integral role to fully support the intellectual, creative, financial and social potential of Caltech.  CEFCU is humbled and proud to be a part of Caltech's success with 32,000 plus members and over $1.3 billion in assets.

Caltech's vision and distinctive approach to education sets it apart from other major research universities.  In line with Caltech, we too, celebrate our uniqueness as we cater to the specific financial needs of our exclusive field of membership.  We are small enough to provide a strong sense of community for our sponsor, but large enough to provide superior financial value, investment security, competitive and progressive products and services and unsurpassed member service.

We understand the integral role that we play as a part of the Caltech benefits structure—from serving our esteemed members to on-campus sponsor relations to partnering with the Institute on critical programs and services. We welcome and congratulate you and Dr. Faber with well justified optimism and enthusiasm and look forward to building on the already rock-solid Caltech/CEFCU relationship.

—Richard L. Harris, President/CEO, Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union

Congratulations. There is a great deal about the Institute that is worthy of future growth.

Best wishes,

—Gray Jennings, BS '67

Dr. Rosenbaum,

Caltech is a "Grande Ecole" as we call them in France, so please keep it at moderate size and don't be tempted by huge numbers of graduates like MIT. Preserve its atmosphere and its top-worldwide class.

—B. Dufour, MS '57

—Welcome from Harry Atwater, Howard Hughes Professor of Applied Physics and Materials Science and Director, Resnick Sustainability Institute

Dear Kathy and Tom,

Best wishes to your new community at Caltech. We are certain your will enjoy the environment and the weather.

—Barbara and Leon M. Keer, Walter P. Murphy Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

Welcome, President Rosenbaum and Dr. Faber!

Great to have you as our President. The Silicon Valley/San Francisco alumni look forward to meeting you. We have a luncheon meeting in Palo Alto on the third Thursday of every month. Many alumni love the event. I believe President Chameau gave a talk at the luncheon about two years ago. It is one of the best places to meet alumni here. Just let me know when you would like to come to talk to us. Will reserve a place for you.

Congratulations again!

—Peter Tong, PhD '85

—Welcome from the Reisman and Stoltz labs on the third floor of the Schlinger Laboratory for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Dear Thomas and Katherine,

Glad to have you both part of the Caltech community!


—Bruce Clemens, PhD '83


Caltech's gain is Chicago's loss, but as an old Caltecher I am delighted to see that Caltech will be in good hands. Congratulations to you and to Caltech.

—Gene Parker, PhD '51 and S. Chandrasekhar Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago Department of Physics

The "legends of Caltech" tells an amazing story of what a moderately sized group of very smart people can casually cook up. No one who sees this happen can fail to grasp the significance!

Caltech is an incredible force! Welcome to the world's most unique vortex of swirling energy!

—Gary Demos, BS '71


—Welcome from Richard A. Andersen, James G. Boswell Professor of Neuroscience

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—Zach Rivkin, BS '14

Welcome to my home state, Dr. Rosenbaum and Dr. Faber! I made a video for you both using my iPhone—pictures and videos from phones made possible by Caltech/JPL technology. I hope you'll both love California as much as I do. Bienvenidos!

—Lawrence Ingalls, Finance Manager, Caltech Office of Technology Transfer

Welcome Aboard! 

Keep Caltech the great institution that it is.

—John Anderson, BS '46

Dear Dr. Rosenbaum and Dr. Faber,

Thank you so much for coming to Caltech and becoming a part of our community! I look forward to all that you can bring to our campus.

Best of luck!

—Anne Davis, class of 2016

—Welcome from Hiroshi Ooguri, Fred Kavli Professor of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics

Welcome to our beautiful campus. We hope to see you at the Caltech Store and Wired for all your shopping needs here at the Winnett Center next to the Red Door Café.

—Susan Mendoza, Caltech Store/Wired

President Rosenbaum and Dr. Faber,

My warmest welcome to the Caltech family and wish you all the best in making us proud, in the quest of making the best even better!

—John Chan, BS EE/CS '78

President Rosenbaum and Dr. Faber,

I hereby congratulate the inauguration of you Dr. Rosenbaum as the president of Caltech and of your wife Dr. Faber as the Simon Ramo Professor of Materials of Science.

I remember that I got a degree of MS in Applied Mechanics in 1972, when Dr. Harold Brown was the president. I am always much obliged to Caltech for giving me a precious chance to study of Applied Mechanics. Mainly because, after retiring from Toray Industries Inc., in Japan, I passed national exam of business consultant specialized in finance, and wrote the books about the striking similarities between the mechanical vibration resonance and financial leverage or operating leverage. I am still studying it theoretically.

I wish you a good contribution to Caltech. Thank you.

—Yoshio Tsuchiyama, MS '72

Welcome to Caltech from Caltech Korea! 

This picture was taken on May 29, 2013, when a group of Techers got together with Dr. and Mrs. Grubbs for a lovely dinner in Seoul, Korea.

—Carl Im, BS '86

Dear President Rosenbaum,

Congratulations on your presidency in Caltech. Caltech has been well known for encouraging unique and risky research activities based on innovation and creativity. In other words, Caltech strives in the new areas and leads them, instead of just following. There has been a lot said of Caltech, and there will be more new additions in the coming future.

Best wishes,

—Mingxing Ouyang, postdoctoral scholar in bioengineering, 2009–11.

—Welcome from Kip Thorne, Richard P. Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics, Emeritus

Welcome to both of you.

—Richard Bradshaw, F.A.S.C.E., BS '39

Dear Profs. Rosenbaum and Faber,

Welcome to Caltech. I enjoyed our brief conversation in Beckman Auditorium on Seminar Day last May as we waited for Prof. Sunil Golwala to start his presentation. I wish you great success (and fun) in your new (ad)ventures in Pasadena and hope to engage with you again sometime in the not too distant future.

—Saif Hussain, BS '78

PS: Aren't you lucky you'll miss winter in Chicago this year!?

— Welcome from the Caltech Fund and Parents Program


—Jee Su Baek, BS '12

Dear President Rosenbaum,

Please keep on unifying different departments and promoting cross-disciplinary collaborations. Recruit more talented young processors who can bring innovations to classical disciplines. Enjoy the challenges everyday in Caltech, as everyone here does.

—Yuchen Wei, Graduate Student, Aeronautics

—Welcome from Julia Greer, professor of materials science and mechanics

Dear Drs. Rosenbaum & Faber:

You are well entitled to look confidently to the future, because you harmoniously combine the joy of life, the joy of work, and a carefree, enterprising spirit which pervades your very being, and seems to make the day's work like blessed play to a child. (Albert Einstein, New Year's message to Caltech, 1931.)

I am proud to be a part of our Caltech family, and am excited for you to join it! May Einstein's wisdom fill your work, family, and personal lives in full and I wish you the very best possible experience here in our truly one-of-a-kind community. I hope to be a resource for you and your family whenever you may need it.


—Olga Batygin, WorkLife Services Coordinator, Caltech Human Resources

—Welcome from Yisong Yue, assistant professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at Caltech

Welcome to the Caltech community. If the past is any guide, you can't even imagine the wonderful things that will happen while you're here.

—Robert J. Tait, PhD., P.G., BS '62

Hello President Rosenbaum,

Welcome to Caltech! As a proud Caltech alumnus, I am happy to see that you joined the Institute. I look forward to seeing you lead our wonderful school into the next chapter.

Congratulations again on being chosen as Caltech's 9th president!

—Michael Michrowski, BS '98

Dear Dr. Rosenbaum,

Congratulations and thank you for becoming our new Caltech president! I think Caltech is such an exciting place, and I hope you will have a long term to enjoy it's wonders, from Ditch Day and other pranks, to great teaching, to ground breaking research. My very best wishes to you!

—Camilla Van Voorhees, BS '80

—Welcome from Undergraduate Admissions

A warm welcome to the ninth President of Caltech! The first president I had a chance to meet a few times during my scholarship at Caltech was Lee DuBridge, sixty years ago, the last one was your predecessor Jean-Lou Chameau. Let me congratulate you on your designation as the ninth Caltech President, Caltech remains a unique institution, small and great.

Vive Caltech!

—Christian Dambrine, MS '54

Welcome from Marketing and Communications

Hi Dr. Rosenbaum,

Welcome to Caltech!  Hope you really enjoy this unique, challenging, strange, lovely, creative, and sometimes magical place.  

My name is Rob, an alum who graduated in '95 in Applied Physics. I am also a member of the Gnomes, which is as close as Caltech gets to a Skull and Bones kind of thing. It is really just a lot of grads who are picked each year for leadership and some of us work to ensure that things go well for other alumns where we can, with an understanding of their unique abilities and challenges.  

I'm also here on the JPL side (in addition to being a faculty member at the University of Hawaii). I am sure you are going to hear plenty about the lab if you have not already.  No need for me to add to that, but If you ever want to know about something and you think I can help, just give me a jingle!

Best Wishes,

—Rob Hanna, BS '95