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09/30/2011 07:00:00

Welcome Class of 2015!

What do a dodgeball team captain, a racecar driver, and an improvisational Shakespearean actor have in common? They're all members of Caltech's incoming class of 2015, which began classes this week. The 244 students (156 male and 88 female) of the freshman class were selected from a pool of 5,225 applicants and include 67 debaters, 21 choir participants, 90 athletes, a ballet dancer, a pen spinner, a bassoonist, and a student who likes to imitate cartoon voices. Seventy new frosh hail from California 16 are from Texas, and 14 are from New York. Among the international students, 16 incoming freshmen come from China, 11 from Korea, 5 from India, and 1 each from the Russian Federation, Albania, and South Africa.

Written by Kathy Svitil