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Saturday, February 15, 2014
8:00 pm
Beckman Institute Auditorium – Beckman Institute

Tannahill Weavers

We are happy and proud to welcome back Scotland's Tannahill Weavers for a return visit! The group features Roy Guilane, who has a new solo CD out, on guitar and lead vocals; Phil Smilie, who plays flute, whistles, bodhran and sings; John Martin on fiddle, cello, viola and vocals; and Colin Melville on highland bagpipes, Scottish small pipes and whistle.

This fine band tours worldwide and they spend a lot of time on the road. Their bland of lively reels and jigs with traditional ballads demonstrates the rich and varied musical heritage of the Celtic people. The Boston Globe wrote, "Scotland's Tannahill Weavers play acoustic instruments, but the atmosphere at their shows is electric. The quintet is as tight and as versatile as any band in the Celtic music revival. They can summon rock 'n' roll instensity or haunting introspection."

For tickets and information, email, or call (626) 395-4652.
Ticket price: $20; $5 Caltech students and children.
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