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  • "Mercury Seven" astronauts at NASA press conference, April 9, 1959
Saturday, April 26, 2014
2:00 pm
Beckman Auditorium – Beckman Auditorium

Space Race Supermen: The Heroes of Early Human Spaceflight

This program will discuss the early phases of the Space Race, in particular Project Mercury, the United States' first human spaceflight program. The Mercury Seven introduces us to the first astronauts, along with the successes and failures of the early space program.

This stunning high-definition movie will serve as the springboard for a lively discussion about the science behind the beauty and wonder of nature.

Kathryn Stack, a graduate student in Geological and Planetary Sciences at Caltech, will introduce the film and guide the post-screening discussion.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Presented by: Caltech Committee on Institute Programs


For tickets and information, email, or call (626) 395-4652.
Ticket price: $5 (unreserved seating).
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