Service Awards FAQ

Caltech staff contribute to the research mission everyday by doing everything from keeping the lights on to working in labs conducting research. In our 62nd year we are excited to introduce an update to our staff recognition.

Specific Information

What are the details for 5-year celebrants?

Beginning this year we have introduced a new keepsake for staff celebrating five years of service. As before, these keepsakes are delivered to the manager for presentation to the employee.

  • Honorees receive a keepsake engraved with their name and the Caltech logo
    • Honorees will be contacted to check their name is spelled correctly and will be given the opportunity to ask for changes (use of a nickname, etc)
  • Keepsakes will be delivered to HR
    • HR staff will hand deliver the keepsake to either a department administrator or manager, depending on the department.
    • Beginning in January 2017 the keepsake will be delivered directly to managers/division administrators
  • The keepsakes come tightly sealed in a cardboard box with a congratulations card. The numerals should be opened and presented to the employee in the smaller, more presentational box within the shipping box.
  • Keepsakes will be delivered the same month as the work anniversary

What are the details for 10-year celebrants?

The biggest change is for staff celebrating 10 or more years of service. This year we have introduced Yearbook. Yearbook is designed to reflect the year level an employee is celebrating, making the experience personal and unique.

  • Yearbook will be mailed directly to the honoree at their home address
    • Yearbook has congratulatory messaging from the Associate Vice President, activities, and sample gifts for selection.
    • Yearbook has a unique log-in/phone number for honorees to access the website with the full gift options/place an order.
      • Honorees can choose to have their gift delivered to the office or home address.
    • Honorees may opt to select a Tiffany gift card
      • Tiffany gift cards increase in value for each level of service, so a 25 year employee can get a larger gift certificate amount than a 10 year employee
      • Honorees must contact the HR Events & Education office to request a Tiffany & Co. gift card
      • Tiffany & Co. gift card is mailed to the address the honoree specifies
  • Yearbooks will be sent to honorees in the same month as their anniversary.
  • Honorees will be invited to attend Service & Impact Awards ceremony in the corresponding anniversary year.

What are the ceremony details everyone needs to know?

The Annual Service & Impact Awards program will continue to be celebrated prior to the end of the school year.

  • The 2017 Service Awards will celebrate those who reach their anniversary between July 1st 2016 and December 31st 2017
  • The 2018 Service Awards and beyond will celebrate everyone who reaches their anniversary between January 1st and December 31st of the celebration year.
  • Honorees can pick up their certificate signed by the President and Associate Vice President of Human Resources before or after the ceremony from the check-in tables.
  • Certificates that are not picked up on the day of the ceremony will be campus mailed to your listed mail code.
  • Honorees will still have the opportunity to walk across the stage and be recognized, if they choose to do so. No RSVP is necessary.
    • Note: Honorees are seated based on celebration year. Honorees will be directed to the appropriate section after checking in.
  • Honorees, their guests, and the Caltech community are invited to join in a reception immediately following the ceremony.
  • Honorees celebrating 20 years and more are invited to join lunch at the Athenaeum along with one guest. Additional guests may be considered based on availability of seating.
  • Winners of the Thomas W. Schmitt Prize and Team Impact Award will be announced at the Service & Impact Award ceremony.