Friday, January 12, 2018
4:00 pm

RF and Microwave Seminar

Frontiers in Power Electronics: From Clean Energy to Wireless Powering of Vehicles
Khurram Afridi , Assistant Professor and the Goh Faculty Fellow , Department of ECEE , University of Colorado

Performance improvements in power electronics coupled with expanded use can lead to dramatic reductions in energy consumption and curtail greenhouse gas emissions. However, this will require power electronics technology that is well beyond current capabilities in terms of efficiency, size, reliability and cost. Using examples from my group's research on power electronic converters and systems that aim to achieve these goals, this talk will highlight the opportunities and challenges at the frontiers of power electronics. One focus of the talk will be on new power electronic converter architectures that target high power densities and high efficiencies for wide operating range applications, such as solar micro-inverters, telecom power supplies, building-level dc distribution and LED lighting. Another focus of the talk will be on power electronic enabled capacitive wireless power transfer systems suitable for powering electric vehicles from the roadway. The talk will also identify directions for future work in the area of high performance power electronic converters and systems.

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