Monday, February 25, 2013
3:00 pm

Mathematica in Education and Research

Introduction to Mathematica 9
Kelvin Mischo, Certified Mathematica Instructor, Wolfram Research, Inc.

This seminar will show the newest ways to get students started with Mathematica 9 for course projects. Faculty and students teaching courses will also learn how to author slideshows with nicely formatted text/formulas along with live calculations in the same environment. Researchers will see the basics of the programming language in Mathematica and useful ways to work with a user's data or the load-on-demand data in Mathematica.

Specific focus will be given to the new free-form input capabilities in Mathematica (a real-time tutor for the Mathematica language), creating applications that show varying parameters in any type of calculation, creating publication-quality graphics, symbolic and numeric calculations, and new statistical capabilities in Mathematica 9.

The content is suitable for faculty, students, and researchers in Physical Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Business/Finance, Computer Science, or the Life Sciences. Each attendee will receive an electronic copy of the examples to use as a guide for projects or course examples. No prior knowledge of Mathematica is required.

Duration: 50 minutes with 10 minutes of Q&A

Speaker: Kelvin Mischo, Certified Mathematica Instructor

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