Tuesday, October 18, 2016
1:00 pm
West Bridge 351 (LIGO Science Conference Room) – Norman Bridge Laboratory of Physics, West

LIGO Seminar

Prospects for Gravitational Wave Searches for Core-Collapse Supernovae within the Local Universe
Jasmine Gill, Department of Physics, ERAU

I present an updated estimate of the intrinsic (vs observed) core collapse

supernovae (CCSNe) rate within 20 Mpc from Earth, which is roughly the

largest distance of interest for the searches for gravitational waves (GWs)

from CCSNe with laser interferometers. The estimate is based on recognizing

that CCSN galaxy host models are morphologically dependent and take into

account biases such as the obscuration by the galactic plane. The improved

estimation of the CCSNe rate within 20 Mpc is 430 +/- 21 CCSNe

Century^-1Mpc^-1. In order to estimate the benefits of having multiple

CCSNe triggers, I compare the performance of two collective detection

methodologies (Feldman-Cousins and GRB) with the standard single trigger

detection methodology. Illustrative examples of the sensitivity improvement

with respect to the single-event current approaches are provided for rapidly

rotating semi-analytical models of GW emissions and real (publicly released)

LIGO data.


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