Monday, April 8, 2013
12:00 pm

Joint Center For Artificial Photosynthesis Seminar

The Possibilities to Analyze IJP Samples by Photoelectron Emission Microscopy (PEEM)
Prof. Christian Pettenkofer, Helmholtz Center Berlin

XPEEM, towards XPS with nm resolution, an introduction and examples Photoelctron microscopy is an old technique! In the early 30´s Brüche first presented a simple microscope. But until the pioneering work of Gertrude Rempfer at PSU and the introduction of PEEM to surface science by Rothermund and Ertl TEM and REM were the techniques of choice for investigating material properties. PEEM can image surface properties with a resolution of the order of 10nm, and if an energy filter and synchrotron radiation is used (XPEEM) chemical properties are resolved in the range of 20-30nm. The technique may be used as an additional tool to investigate lateral inhomogenities at interfaces/surfaces. As normal XPS is integrating over areas of at least some µm XPEEM can resolve small precipitations with the possibility to investigate the chemical nature and even interface energetics. Beside a general introduction some examples will be given for the application of XPEEM in thin film material preparation.


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