Tuesday, March 5, 2013
12:00 pm

IST Lunch Bunch

Interactive Editing of Deformable Simulations
Jernej Barbic, Computer Science, University of Southern California

We present an interactive animation editor for complex deformable
object animations. Given an existing animation, the artist directly
manipulates the deformable body at any time frame, and the surrounding
animation immediately adjusts in response. The automatic adjustments
are designed to respect physics, preserve detail in both the input
motion and geometry, respect prescribed bilateral contact constraints,
and controllably and smoothly decay in spacetime. While the utility of
interactive editing for rigid body and articulated figure animations
is widely recognized, a corresponding approach to deformable bodies
has not been technically feasible before. We achieve interactive rates
by combining spacetime model reduction, rotation-strain coordinate
warping, linearized elasticity, and direct manipulation. This direct
editing tool can serve the final stages of animation production, which
often call for detailed, direct adjustments that are otherwise tedious
to realize by re-simulation or frame-by-frame editing.

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