Tuesday, December 18, 2018
2:00 pm

IQI Weekly Seminar

Quantum computing with wormholes
Anirudh Krishna, Université de Sherbrooke

Abstract: Locality plays a central role in quantum error correction. However, it poses restrictions on storing and processing encoded quantum information. With the advent of deterministic methods to share entanglement non-locally the restriction of locality may be unwarranted. We demonstrate how introducing a small amount of non-locality gives rise to novel defects on the toric code which we call wormholes. These defects can teleport anyonic excitations from one sector of the lattice to another. In turn, this means that two anyons can be spatially separated by an arbitrary distance and remain connected via the wormhole. Furthermore, we shall show that we can use wormholes to encode logical information and demonstrate how we can perform all Clifford operations on the encoded qubits. Lastly, our construction could contribute to the discussion on the connection between entanglement and the geometry of spacetime.














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