Wednesday, June 6, 2012
12:00 pm
IPAC 102 (Large Conference Room) – David W. Morrisroe Astroscience Laboratory

IPAC Astronomy Lunch Seminar

Star formation rates in LINER host galaxies
Silvia Tommasin, Tel Aviv University
Low Ionization Nuclear Emission-line Regions (LINERs) are characterized by low ionization AGN optical emission lines from the center of their host galaxies. Through the FAR-IR observations with Herschel/PACS of a sample of optically selected LINERs at z~0.3, we find that their host galaxy have a surprisingly high FAR-IR luminosity. It leads to star formation rates (SFR) up to 3 order of magnitude larger then the SFR inferred by optical (H_alpha) or UV measurements. Is this discrepancy due to high obscuration of these sources or to their star formatin history? These LINERs show also a different relation between star formation luminosity and AGN luminosity in respect with local LINERs, is this due to an evolutionary effect? We will discuss possible causes and consequences of FAR-IR properties of LINERs host galaxies, how they affect the star formation rate estimates, and their connections with the AGN emission.
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