Tuesday, November 19, 2013
4:00 pm

High Energy Physics Seminar

Active, sterile neutrinos and dark matter in models with new U(1) gauge symmetry
Rathin Adhikari, Centre for Theoretical Physics, New Delhi

We study simple extension of the Standard model with additional U(1) gauge symmetry. The active neutrino mass arises both at the tree level and radiatively by the anomaly free addition of singlet and triplet fermions with suitable Higgs scalars. After spontaneous symmetry breaking the residual symmetry provides stable dark matter candidate.   Considering constraints from cosmology, direct detection experiments and also taking into account neutrino mass phenomenology we discuss  the allowed mass ranges for scalar and  fermionic dark matter.  Without residual symmetry it is possible to get both active and sterile neutrino masses at one loop level in the model. There is active and sterile neutrino mixing which could have interesting signatures in reactor neutrino experiments.

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