Giving Opportunities

Corporate philanthropy plays a critical role in enabling Caltech to meet its educational mission while simultaneously supporting a company's corporate priorities and strategic business goals. Some of the avenues through which a corporation can make an impact are by supporting


Endowment of a distinguished professorship or chair demonstrates a company's belief in the values of higher education. It allows Caltech to recruit and retain the best faculty in the world, continuing the Institute's tradition of excellence.


Through fellowships and scholarships, a company can enable the best students to gain a world-class education.


Funding existing and new research and academic facilities will allow a corporation to have a long-term impact on the Institute. Caltech is well known for its interdisciplinary research; contributing to physical space that supports this boundary-crossing work is a great way for a company to support the entire campus.

Research Grants and Equipment

Caltech is an incubator for the kind of innovation and new technology a company needs. Funding provided for research and equipment could one day revolutionize not only entire industries but also everyday lives.

Corporate Matching Funds

By matching employee contributions to Caltech, companies multiply their impact and encourage employee philanthropy.