Friday, November 30, 2012
7:30 pm

German Film

The Foster Boy – der Verdingbub
Markus Imboden, Director

Free Film Evening – all interested are welcome


The Foster Boy – der Verdingbub

(Switzerland – 2011 – Dir. Markus Imboden )


In  Bern/Swiss German– English Subtitles


In much of Europe poor youth were traditionally placed with foster families or welfare institutions where these children had to work hard and contribute, learn about moral virtues, discipline and the value of diligence. Insufficient rules and regulations often resulted in exploiting children as cheap labor and various forms of abuse. Children less than 14 were not to work in industry, but it was acceptable on farms. The authorities could actually remove and place children considered insufficiently supported from their birth families. This changed in the 1960s when new family and welfare laws were established. The practice was particularly common in rural areas like the Emmental in the Canton of Berne. Swiss census in 1930 counted close to 60 000 such children under 14.  


The Consul General of Switzerland Bruno Ryff will be our guest and available for Q&A after the screening. Sponsored by the Division of The Humanitiees & Social Sciences.

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