Wednesday, August 15, 2018
12:00 pm

Faculty Search Panel discussion 2018 EAS/PMA

Are you looking for a faculty job?

Do you want to know what the hiring professors are looking for? Come join us to learn more at the Faculty Search Panel discussion. Lunch will be provided.

Faculty members joining:
Prof. Chiara Daraio (Mechanical and Civil Engineering)
Prof. Andrei Faraon (Applied Physics and Materials Science)
Prof. Beverly McKeon (Aerospace Engineering)
Prof. Alison E. Ondrus (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)

Date/Time: August 15th, 12:00 PM -13:00 PM
Location: Kerckhoff 119

Caltech Postdoctoral Association is organizing an hour long panel discussion for postdocs (open to grad students as well) on what faculty on a hiring committee are looking for in candidates.

*Lunch will be served from 11.30 AM to the panel attendees.
RSVP required. RSVP here:


Sponsored by the Caltech Postdoctoral Association

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