Information on Earthquakes for the Press

Caltech's 24-Hour Earthquake Hotline for Media: (626) 449-2631
(Calls from members of the media only will be returned immediately.) 

To Get Earthquake Information Quickly

Media Center Press Briefings at Caltech

Seismologists from Caltech and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) will typically be available to reporters for briefings in the Media Center at the Caltech Seismological Laboratory immediately following widely felt quakes both locally and throughout the United States, as well as following significant international quakes. To find out if the center is open, or to schedule an interview, please call the 24-hour earthquake hotline (for media only) at (626) 449-2631.

Directions: The Media Center is located at the northeast corner of California Boulevard and Wilson Avenue in Pasadena, on the second floor of the South Mudd building in room 269. Media trucks can park on the sidewalk, from which they can access an outside AV panel that allows for video feeds to the trucks.

Mirrored Sites for Recent Earthquakes

In the event of a major earthquake, the traffic to the main USGS sites may make it difficult to access those links. The following mirrored sites will receive and disseminate the same information:

Early Warning Technology

Caltech is a partner in the development of an Earthquake Early Warning system that eventually could provide advance warning to citizens in the seconds prior to an earthquake. For more information, check the Earthquake Early Warning Project's FAQ.

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