Documentary Filming Locations

Chemistry Library - Gates Annex

Availability: Extremely good.

Description: Dark wood paneling, floor to ceiling bookshelves, tall library ladders, the ceiling is covered in colorful stencils of American-Indian designs and chemical symbols, leather club chairs, long library tables with lamps, one wall has glass doors that are covered by Spanish-inspired teakwood grilles which block a lot of the light. Quiet room, slight hum from air/heating system which cannot be turned off.

Chemistry Library-Gates Annex   Chemistry Library-Gates Annex

Chemistry Library-Gates Annex   Chemistry Library-Gates Annex

Chemistry Library-Gates Annex   Chemistry Library-Gates Annex


Geology Library - North Mudd

Availability: Good.

Description: This is a working library and cannot be closed for shoots, so while a shoot is going on, students must still have access to books, computers, etc. Two octagonal tables with leather chairs, fireplace, tall windows on two walls, dark wood bookshelves. This room is open to a hallway and sound could be a big problem. It's on the second floor, and access is up a good sized flight of stairs or via two different elevators, starting in South Mudd, going to the top floor, switching elevators and coming down to the second floor of North Mudd.

Geology Library-North Mudd   Geology Library-North Mudd

Geology Library-North Mudd

Athenaeum Library

Availability: Good, but dependent on previously scheduled meetings/meals in the room. It is often reserved for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Description: Dark paneled room with floor to ceiling bookshelves, one large window, leather wing chairs, card table, removable dining table(s), chandelier, floor and table lamps, Oriental rug. Quiet.

Athenaeum Library   Athenaeum Library

Athenaeum Library   Athenaeum Library

Biology Library - Kerckhoff, 2nd floor

Availability: Limited to biology-oriented interviews. Prescheduled activities may take precedence.

Description: tall bookshelves of dark wood. Waist to ceiling windows (2-story) on three walls with no window coverings. Wright-inspiried lighting, hardwood floors, leather club chairs and couches, long tables with lamps and leather desk chairs. Fairly quiet, although the glass doors that lead onto the hallway don't block sounds from the hall or nearby labs.

Biology Library-Kerckhoff   Biology Library-Kerckhoff

Biology Library-Kerckhoff   Biology Library-Kerckhoff

Avery Library

Availability: Limited because activities and events are scheduled in this room on a fairly regular basis.

Description: Wright-inspired couch, chairs, furnishings, hardwood floor, fireplace, long conference table, windows along one long wall with white curtains. Fairly quiet, although the room is adjacent to a courtyard which gets busy at meal times.

Avery Library   Avery Library

Avery Library

Sherman Fairchild Library - 3rd floor

Availability: Extremely Poor

Description: This is a working library and is used throughout the year. Modern. Beautiful arched ceiling over the 3rd floor. Small minimalistic room pictured (at center) is more available than the rest of the 3rd floor reading room.

Sherman Fairchild Library   Sherman Fairchild Library

Sherman Fairchild Library