Wednesday, May 23, 2018
12:00 pm
Avery Dining Hall – Avery House

Dish & Discuss #17

What Makes a Humanitarian?

The theme for Dish & DIscuss during Third Term is "Explore the World."

Humanitarianism is the active promotion of human welfare and social reform through altruistic support and assistance to better the human condition. A humanitarian works towards the improvement of the human race through the betterment of human welfare. Join the Caltech Center for Diversity in examining humanitarian efforts ranging from emergency response to digital humanitarianism, and ways we can all be involved in efforts to increase our global awareness and participate in humanitarian efforts.

The Caltech/JPL Community is invited for a workshop series (lunch is provided!) on a variety of topics intended to increase cultural intelligence, engage critical discourse, and provideĀ 
an inclusive space for the exploration of diverse identities, thoughts, and interests.

Contact the Diversity Center at 626-395-6207
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