Discovery and Innovation

Give researchers the opportunity to make breakthroughs in medicine, energy, engineering, space, technology, and fundamental science, and to ignite positive change on a universal scale.

Caltech's aim is to recruit smart people and then set them free by giving them the space in which to explore bold ideas and pursue whatever lines of research they choose. This has created an unparalleled intellectual environment, enabling our scientists and engineers to also be pioneers—forging scientific breakthroughs, launching new fields and industries, and inventing the technologies and tools that will transform the landscape of our lives.

Expand Caltech's impact and reach throughout the world by helping to

  • Fund research collaborations among multiple disciplines at the Institute and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Create spaces in which researchers can come together to jointly address significant problems
  • Support new educational and research programs
  • Provide the financial support to attract the world's top faculty and students

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