Designer Specifications

For Caltech Institute Publications and Programmatic Material

Because Caltech is a highly regarded, internationally known institution, it is important to use visual elements that will represent it professionally and cohesively. Please follow these general guidelines when designing print material for Caltech.


  • Orange and white are the official colors of the Institute.
  • Caltech's official orange is PMS 1665, C0/M68/Y100/K0 for print; #FF6600, RGB 255/102/0 for the web.
  • Use solid color rather than gradients or pastels (transparencies are acceptable).
  • Please don't use black as a secondary color, to avoid a Halloween look.


  • Frutiger and Adobe Garamond are the Caltech primary fonts.
  • Try to balance the amount of text with images or graphics. If there aren't im­ages available to illustrate the idea, "Info graphics" and pull quotes are good ways to accentuate a piece.


  • Before starting your project, think about who your audience is so that you can use visuals that will engage them.
  • Use dynamic full-bleed images whenever possible.
  • Balance the design with negative (or white) space.
  • Think sophisticated, modern, contemporary, innovative—that's Caltech!
  • Simplicity is preferable to complexity.


  • The word mark or seal must be used on the front page.
  • Division/departmental logos should not be located on the front page, but can be spelled out as text.
  • If division/departmental logos are to be used, place them on the back page of the publication.
  • Acceptable variations of the Institute seal and wordmark are shown below.
    Acceptable Caltech Logo and Seal Variations

To view sample Marketing and Communications publications, download this PDF.