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02/22/2005 08:00:00

David Levy to Receive Exemplar Award from the College Board Western Regional Assembly

PASADENA, Calif.-David Levy, director of the financial aid office at the California Institute of Technology, has been named winner of the Exemplar Award by the Western Regional Assembly of the College Board. He will be recognized during the College Board's Western Regional Conference in San Diego on Sunday, February 27.

According to the College Board, Levy, a resident of La Crescenta, is acknowledged as "a remarkably dedicated financial aid expert," and is known for his frequent travels to offer advice on financial planning to families of prospective students.

Steve Williams, college counselor at Eagle Rock High School in Los Angeles, says, "David is the most excited person about financial aid that I've ever met!" Similarly, Despina Costopoulos, coordinator of California Cash for College, part of the California Student Aid Commission, says that "Levy's dedication and commitment to providing students and families with expert financial aid assistance is like a force of nature-- holding workshop after workshop, developing presentations, and always being there for colleagues and students alike."

Erica O'Neal, assistant vice president for student affairs at Caltech, points out Levy's professional competence, boundless enthusiasm for his work, and dry wit as only three impressive characteristics on a lengthy list that make the Caltech community enjoy working with Levy and pleased to see the College Board honor him with this award.

The Exemplar Award was created in 1982 by the board of trustees for the College Board. The purpose of the award is to acknowledge outstanding professional achievement. Recipients are chosen "for exemplary contributions which enhance the aims and professional activities of concern to the College Board, primarily within the Western Region. Contributions to students directly, over an extended period of time, beyond one's work assignment, are especially significant. And, contributions in support of professional colleagues is a second major criterion."

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Written by Robert Tindol