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06/13/2014 05:47:26

Commencement 2014

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Commencement Program (PDF)


By the Numbers: The Caltech Class of 2014

Today we celebrate the graduation of Caltech's class of 2014. Wondering what it takes to meet the challenge of Caltech's rigorous academic environment? Here is a sampling of activities our seniors have participated in over the past four years:

Individually, our seniors have

  • taken 60 courses;
  • completed 420 problem sets;
  • spent 7,680 hours studying;
  • heard the cannon fired 25 times;
  • consumed 24 pounds of food at Midnight Madness;
  • eaten and waited at 600 student dinners;
  • participated in or planned 120 Ditch Day stacks; and
  • attended 32 Interhouse and House parties.

In the class of 2014, there are 29 student-athletes who have

  • played 13 NCAA Division III sports;
  • earned 20 SCIAC all-academic honors; and
  • spent 300 hours per sport, per year at practice.

Collectively, the class of 2014 has

  • eaten 620 pies on Pi Days;
  • visited Tom Mannion's house 11,000 times;
  • pulled 12 major pranks (and dozens of small ones);
  • helped harvest 7,000 pounds of olives for the Olive Festival;
  • participated in 150 different student clubs;
  • completed 133 SURFs;
  • participated in 120 cooking classes; and

In addition, the class of 2014 has 

  • 1 student who graduated in three years;
  • 1 dual BS/MS candidate; and
  • Students representing 11 different countries and 33 U.S. states.

Congratulations to the class of 2014 for all of their hard work, focus, and accomplishments.


Caltech's Student Leaders

Caltech's student leaders discuss their work and accomplishments from the past academic year.

Seniors Named Fulbright Scholars

Two Caltech seniors have been selected to receive Fulbright scholarships to pursue graduate studies abroad.

Students Win National and International Prizes

Several Caltech students are the recipients of international, national, and Institute awards this spring.

Friends of the Caltech Library Award Prize to Two Senior Theses

Two graduating seniors were recently honored with the Library Friends' Senior Thesis Prize.

Daniel Yergin to Deliver Commencement Address

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and energy scholar Daniel Yergin will be this year's Commencement keynote speaker.